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Can't find voucher code you sent me

Last update: 25.09.2019

After successful payment, the reseller will send you a 40-character activation code (for example: 3be4cc6265f7e28da49dc4cdc357b4de0389199d).
Log in at k2s.cc and activate the code on this page: k2s.cc/auth/activationcode
If you purchased a code from a reseller but have not received the code or the code you received is not working, please contact the reseller first. Go to the reseller website for contact details. Contact details can be at the bottom of the web page.
If within 72 hours the reseller does not respond to your request, check the spam folder (sometimes the code gets there) and send us the order number, a screenshot of the successful payment, and a link to the reseller’s website.

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