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  1. 401 Error, Singapore

  2. Blocked for too many downloads.

  3. Can I delete my files?

  4. Can I download files for free?

  5. Can I resume a failed download?

  6. Can I search the Keep2Share server for certain files?

  7. Can I upload any type of file?

  8. Can't download a file, I get this message: "Sorry, this file is blocked or deleted"

  9. Can't find voucher code you sent me

  10. Do you accept gift cards?

  11. Do you have Remote Upload option?

  12. FREE. Downloading doesn't start after 30 seconds.

  13. FREE. My downloads are too slow

  14. FREE. My waiting time is too long

  15. How can I move my files to folder?

  16. How do I retrieve a forgotten password?

  17. How long does Keep2Share store my files?

  18. How much can I download with premium account?

  19. How much storage is available?

  20. How to cancel recurring subscription?

  21. How to upload usinfg FTP?

  22. I can not download a file, the link is not working

  23. I cannot complete my transaction and/or my credit card is declined

  24. I get "401 Unauthorized: Temp URL invalid" when trying to download

  25. I made the payment but no days were added

  26. I pay by reseller

  27. I receive Error 503

  28. I was charged for 30 days

  29. I wish to pay with PayPal

  30. Important Notice

  31. May I have multiple accounts on Keep2Share ?

  32. May I resell Premium accounts?

  33. My account was hacked?

  34. PREMIUM. I ran out of download traffic.

  35. PREMIUM. My download speed is slow or interrupt

  36. protect payments

  37. What does Recurring subscription mean?

  38. What is the password for the file I have just downloaded?

  39. Where can I buy a Premium Account?

  40. Which download managers can I use?

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